Resilience is…

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Are your health habits supporting your inner resilience or hindering it?  Resilience can be thought of as our ability to thrive and cope with life’s challenges.  Some of our coping may be due to genetics, but we can also learn to be more resilient.

A few ideas to boost your emotional and mental strength:

  • Give you attention to the present moment as much as is possible – learn to let go of past regret and future worries
  • Practice mindfulness or other form of meditation to help you stay grounded in the present
  • Practice good health habits – adequate sleep and nutrition
  • Seek a supportive circle of friends and family in your life – social support helps us to thrive and weather difficult circumstances
  • Develop a gratitude practice: appreciate the good in your life, avoid negativity where possible which can be contagious
  • Acknowledge and accept so called “negative emotions” which are a part of every life; for example, grief after a significant loss
  • Nurture a sense of purpose in your life – helping others may be one way to boost meaning in your life and make you feel good

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