Geoff brings over 30 years of experience to his work tapping into the wisdom and guidance of spirituality, nature, and altruism in guiding transformation, affirmation, and recovery. Geoff’s therapeutic philosophy is grounded in compassion, recognizing the important role of the individual in channeling an inner strength to affirm, heal, recover, and grow as a person.

Geoff’s practice is always evolving with the goal of remaining up-to-date in current modalities for psychological treatment and care.


Emotional / Mental Well being "Stress, Anxiety, & Depression"

Guiding individuals who are struggling with anxiety and stress to find a greater balance and ease of mind. Mindfulness practice, relaxation, EMDR, CBT and compassionate inquiry approaches are part of an integrated strategy acknowledging the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of humanity.


Loss, Grief, Illness

Providing support for individuals and families struggling to find meaning with a life limiting illness, or a significant loss including grief and bereavement.

Registered with the Crime Victim Assistance Services Program (CVAP) in British Columbia


2SLGBTQQIA+ Affirmation

Facilitating support for the LGBTQ + community


Holistic & Spiritual Wellbeing

Honoring our spiritual journey and fostering resilience through strength based approaches to therapy, including spiritual growth and transformation.


Clinical Supervision

Offering clinical supervision for students in a Master of Arts program

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Geoff provides services delivered both virtual and in-person.

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